Facing the Killer Volcano

Année : 2011
90 min
Directed by Jérôme Cornuau.
An AT-Doc / Boréales / RTBF / France Télévision coproduction
Winner of the 2011 Grand Prize and Best Director Gold Panda Awards at the Sichuan TV Festival (China)

In June 1991, all eyes were turned towards the volcano. Journalists, photographers and cameramen were in position on one of the slopes of the mountain. Scientists in the surrounding observatories analyzed the data to measure, understand and warn the authorities of what to do. The mayor of Shimabara has just ordered the evacuation of his town, some one thousand people.

Katia and Maurice Krafft, the famous French vulcanologists, adventurers and specialists of volcanoes, were hoping to witness an incredible explosion. A phenomenon they needed to film for their prevention films designated to volcanoes. But the risks were considerable and information was hard to collect, not to mention the bad weather. Their young friend and colleague, the American Harry Glicken, specialized in Japanese volcanoes, was their guide.

They're all going to die...