Burning Out

A film by Jérôme le Maire
Written by : Jérôme le Maire et Pascal Chabot
Running time : 90 min

Magritte for the best documentary

A co-production : AT-Doc / Zadig Production / Louise Production
Supported by : RTBF / Arté / RTS / SRG SSR / Magellan Films

During 2 years, the belgian director Jérôme le Maire followed the members of the surgical unit on one of the largest hospitals in Paris. This ultra-performing operating theater operates in a tight flow : 14 rooms in line with the aim of practicing eight to ten interventions per days.
The work organization, although extremely sophisticated, is becoming pathogenic. Medical and paramedical crew curve the spine.
Chronic stress, burn-out, and psychosocial risks gangrene the hospital. Surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and caregivers, but also managers, managers and directors are racing an unrestrained race which seems endless.
Aware of this problem, the administration ordered an audit about the organization of work in an attempt to try extinguish the beginning of fire.
« BURNING OUT » is going in the heart of work and his excess, when there is overheating and the flame threatens.
He wants to understand the contemporary fire, this mirror disorder of our society, which affect until the hospital.