It's Going to Burn Their Wings

In preparation

A documentary by Jérôme le Maire
Written by Pascal Chabot and Jérôme le Maire
Co-producers : RTBF et Zadig Production
Duration: 85 minutes

Let’s submerse ourselves into the heart of Saint Louis Hospital in the center of Paris, in its surgical unit: 14 operating rooms with the target of performing eight to ten operations a day each. Work organization there is hectic and extremely sophisticated. In this tremendously organized for maximum efficiency beehive, anesthesiologists, nurses and orderly as well as executives, managers and directors exist under high pressure.

Chronic stress, burnout and psychosocial risks have invaded the hospital. Aware of the problem, the administration requested an audit on the subject since the overload needs to be neutralized.

The film’s purpose is to dive deep into the excess of labor when the overheating is about to turn into a blaze. The ambition is to understand this contemporary blaze to prevent it from spreading, to diminish its strength.

This film tries to understand the confrontation between the powerful and fascinating techno-scientific philosophy and a frail but intrepid one of humans caring for other humans.